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Today, I used this tea set

Feeling a bit 1940s post-war years-duck egg blue, today.

Come on Spring.

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A bit spring'ish today.

Today, I used this tea set


Today, I’m using this tea set

Feeling rather blue’y, 1930s’ish today.

Today, I used this tea set

I was feeling a bit orangey, and a bit art deco’ey today.

Today, I used this teaset

At 110 yrs old technically I think this is more antique than vintage!

Today, I used this teaset

I was feeling the green & rosebud today.  I love the tree pattern on the tea cups.  Another 30s gem.

Today, I used this teaset

I’ve taken very much to having tea in the afternoon.  It may look like I’m just playing house.  Ok, actually, it is nice as I do have a lot (like, A LOT)  of implements to choose from.   But its not play….honest…tea, is concentration juice.   It is V.v.important.

These are the sets I’ve been using this week.   (oh, and though it may look like I have 2 teapots on the go, one is actually a vintage coffee pot which I use as a hot water jug).  Brewed tea = pure hideousness.